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Yijiang Dong

Hey, my name is YJ. I am an artist working on Illustration and Visual development.

My mother is engaging in art. Her career has exposed me to various artists and their exhibitions when I was young. Maybe it is my destination to embark on art related path for a long time. Since my childhood, I hope all my imaginary characters and scenes are not static but alive. Animation with its strong visual impact constantly touches me. I have been very interested in it, especially Japanese animation, such as Naruto and Doraemon. I enjoyed drawing and even creating new characters, and placing them in a fantasy world created, and never got tired of pursuing novel ideas and visualizing them. Seeing strangers on the street, I often can’t help but fantasize about their lives, their dinners, clothes, and living rooms. Everything and everyone in this world can inspire my fantasy and artistic creation.

I have great interests and passion for the early conceptual design of animation which is referred to as “Setting”. The “Setting” is a certain number of fantasies. The accumulation and stacking of various Settings gradually form a complete fantasy world, which is the basis of animation creation. I have learned this knowledge related to early conceptual design through additional online courses and created some character settings and scene settings. During the summer vacation of my junior year, I worked as an intern in Coco Bean Film and Television Co., Ltd. and participated in the 2D art design for the Nezha Magic Boy. I designed some non-main characters and props. This experience of painting with high intensity and integrating with business has made me better understand the animation industry, and further trained my design ability and painting efficiency, which also make some preparations for my future cross-professional learning.

If you have any questions or inquiries,
feel free to contact me at

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